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Electromagnetic Smog

What is Electromagnetic Smog?

'Electromagnetic Smog' or 'Electrosmog' is a colloquial expression for the entirety of electric, magnetic and electromagnetic fields, which are partially assumed to have (undesirable) biological effects. (1)

Electromagnetic smog is an omnipresent and ever increasing problem in our environment. Since mobile phones were introduced, it has become even more obvious. There are many adverse effects on health which are brought on by mobile phones: sleep disorders, headaches, concentration problems, probably even cancer. This is backed up by a large number of scientific investigations. Most people do not even notice the electromagnetic smog directly, but this is just what makes it so dangerous. In electric measurements taken on the acupuncture system of the human body (electro-acupuncture) it was proved that any electromagnetic smog causes strain, even that of a straightforward floor lamp. This strain, though, is quite different in intensity and depends on the source of radiation, it is however particularly grave with mobile phones.




The Dangers of Electromagnetic Smog

Comprehensive essay on the effects of cell phone radiation / electro smog on the human biology

Author: Andrew Goldsworthy, BSc PhD, Honorary Lecturer in Biology at Imperial College London

Published: 2012




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